What do I put in the diaper bag?

 You did it!! Baby is here, and you’re getting the hang of life at home with a new person.

However- you’re ready to get out and see your friends, head to the store, or swing by the Mommy and Me class you heard about on the hospital tour…..but what do you put in the diaper bag? So, what are the essentials for Baby’s first outing?

First things first… lets establish a baseline of information because these answers will definitely inform your supply choices.

  • How long is the outing expected to be?
  • Is this a short trip to the store, or an event that will have you away from home for a feeding or two?
  • Will you be offering milk straight from the breast/chest, or will you be offering a bottle?

If you will be out for a feeding or two,  you will need the following:

Do you want to use Ready-to-Feed bottles for outings? The choice is yours!
Using dry formula? We like these containers from BEABA for storing it in convenient amounts.
You can add a couple bottles of water for mixing. How much water will you need? It depends on how many feedings you plan to be out for. You can ask for a cup of hot water at a restaurant or coffee shop, or bring a thermos of hot water from home.

Dark haired mother is nursing her new baby that is swaddled in a colorful blanket

Breast milk
If you are feeding directly from the Chest/breast, you may want to experiment with different positions at home using a feeding cover. This will boost your confidence the first few times out if you aren’t comfortable latching in public just yet. Friendly reminder, in Texas you have the right to breastfeed or express milk in any public or private location -with or without a cover- as long as you are legally allowed to be there. (Shoutout to Mamava for compiling this info!) Not down for public latching just yet? No worries! You will need frozen breast milk or thawed breast milk in pre-made bottles. You can simply let the milk come to room temperature, or use the same methods mentioned above for formula heating. Just be sure that the thermos is big enough to submerge your bottles in. (Babies absolutely can drink milk that isn’t warmed though!)

Burp rags and Breast pads
There is nothing like walking around with two giant wet spots over your nipples, or spit up on your shoulder. Little, tiny, baby washcloths take up less space than a burp rag, and work great stuffed in your bra if you are in a pinch.

Just saying… 

Is it a quick trip? Then skip those bottles! Take a smaller bag and be sure that you have:

Pack more than enough diapers as most babies need to be changed at least every two hours.
In addition, be sure that both you and baby have a change of clothes- accidents happen!
If you are cloth diapering, don’t forget the wet bag!

No need worry if they are warm or not. For simplicity sake, you can grab a handful and throw them in a ziplock bag. Most wipe manufacturers now have travel sizes that are super convenient for diaper bags.  

That’s it folks, those are the essentials!


A smiling father is wearing his baby on his chest with a wrap that encircles his shoulders and waist. The Fathers' hands are supporting the baby's bottom and head.

Tossing these next items in your diaper bag as well will eliminate the need for you to carry a purse- which is one less thing to juggle while transporting your wee one, and if you wear your baby, you can be practically hands free!
Some healthy snacks for you, like a protein bar, dried fruit, or some mixed nuts help keep you from getting *HANGRY*.  A reusable water bottle and maybe a reusable straw is also handy. You can never go wrong with menstrual supplies and definitely include your wallet. Here in Texas,  you will likely need sunscreen, sunglasses and lip gloss to help your comfort level while away from home.

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