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Houston Birth & Baby is hiring Postpartum Doulas and or Newborn Care Specialists. We have an amazing team that works together and provides impeccable care.
Those interested must be reliable, honest, certified, and a team player. Please email your doula or NBCS resume to be considered. You must live in The Greater Houston area to be considered. (Information on how and where at the bottom of this page)

We DO NOT pay for relocation.

Requirements to apply:
  • CPR certified Doula or NBCS
  • Background check
  • Extensive reference check
  • Familiar with the DISC personality assessment
  • Ability to confidently sell yourself and the agency services to potential clients through virtual or in person meetings
  • Have an established, legal business
  • Carry liability insurance
Description of our ideal candidate:
If you are an empathetic, people person, who likes knowing your work is making a difference, this job is for you. If you have compassion for people going through big life changes, or know the challenges for parents of tending to a newborn’s constant needs while adjusting to new expectations of themselves and each other, you’ll be a great fit for this opportunity. If you enjoy imparting up to date information while still empowering people to make their own decisions based on their own unique circumstances (in other words, you have enough humility to know that you can’t know what’s best for everyone), you’ll be perfect for this job.
Doulas who work for our agency provide postpartum doula support to families with newborns. This involves helping the entire family transition to life with a newborn. It can include newborn care, some sibling care, light housekeeping and organization, errands and meal prep, informational and emotional support for the parents, and tender loving care for the healing and/or adapting mother. Mostly it requires tuning in to the needs of the family and responding to their particular situation, with nonjudgmental support. This could be a great fit for someone with an early education background or anyone in the field of health and wellness who is passionate about helping families get off to a strong and healthy start.

The nature of postpartum doula work is unpredictable. While you may have the opportunity to set your own boundaries (number of hours per week, for example, or days vs. overnights) other things are not within your control. You may have one client that is requiring 20 hours a week, for example, but you don’t know whether it will start this week or four weeks from now, because there’s no way to know when the baby will arrive. Being a doula with an agency like Houston Birth & Baby can help mitigate this unpredictability because of the team approach and access to backup support, but the doula should still be reasonably flexible and adaptable to the clients’ needs. Depending on your availability and on the demand, this opportunity could either result in part-time or full-time hours.

Requirements to be an Independent Contractor with HB&B:
  1. The doula must sign a contract, fill out a W-9, and declare their income to the IRS.
  2. The doula should be willing to work a minimum of 20 hours/week most weeks (at least 42 weeks each year, on average) for agency clients. (these are not GUARANTEED hours- but we prefer you are available for these hours)
  3. The doula must maintain CPR certification and insurance (minimal cost). He/she must be trained by a professional doula training organization. (If you are interested but haven’t trained yet, we can discuss your options at the Info Session).
  4. The doula must attend, via Zoom or in-person, a 1-hour Information Session with Houston Birth & Baby.
  5. Willingness to work at least 2-3 overnight shifts per week is preferred.
  6. Willingness to maintain open and effective communication with the agency and be responsive to inquries and scheduling requests.
  7. Willingness to promote the agency in order to increase visibilty for all the members of the team.
  8. Some experience with newborn care (we can provide some minimal training where there are knowledge gaps but we do not train postpartum doulas)
  9. A passion for helping families gently transition to life with a newborn by providing ample support to get off to a strong and healthy start.
  10. The agency does not require, but many clients do request, doulas with up to date vaccinations.
  11. The doula should be willing to learn and grow!It can be isolating to work on your own as a doula, and with an agency you have support, resources, camaraderie, and accountability. As a team we compare notes about our challenges and successes, and new ways to deal with common circumstances that arise during our work.
Benefits of working for a doula agency include:
Flexibility, camaraderie, professional development, reliable backup doulas, and the support of an agency director if a problem or dilemma arises with a client.
Agency doulas also benefit from the outreach, networking, and advertising efforts of the agency. Their administrative workload is reduced as the agency handles contracting, billing, much of the scheduling, and other administrative matters such as evaluations, reviews, and follow up with clients.
They benefit from the trust and reputation the agency has earned from referral sources such as past clients, providers, and colleagues.
Please fill out the form at the bottom of the webpage located here: https://houstonbirthandbaby.com/our-team/
Be sure to submit a COVER LETTER describing why you would be a good candidate for this opportunity, and attach a resume or bio. Applicants without a cover letter will not be considered. Include in the cover letter what your general availability for shifts with clients would be (include whether you would work day shifts, overnight shifts, or both), and what areas of the Greater Houston area you would be able to serve. Because of the level of interest, we will only be able to respond if these application instructions are followed. If the instructions are followed and you qualify for our Info Session, we will send you a link to a form you will need to fill out to be invited.
Thank you for your interest!

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