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Overwhelmed by all the information you see about pregnancy, labor, and birth? We offer private, in-home childbirth education that fits your specific needs.

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Virtual Meet the Doulas- May 10, 2021

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Join us from the comfort and safety of your home. Ask us questions and learn about what sets us apart from other Birthworkers in Houston.

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How to Have a Baby - Childbirth Education

Due to the pandemic, we are limiting this class size to 2 families per class in order to allow for social distancing and sanitation protocols.

A mask must be worn at all times.

This is a full series (3, Three hour classes) of learning the How, when and why things happen the way do when you're having a baby!
A fun interactive class that keeps you engaged while reducing the fear and anxiety that comes along with all the nesting.

This class will be held in our office in North Houston for 3 consecutive weeks. Each class is three hours long every Monday from 6pm to 9pm

  • 5/17/2021
  • 5/24/2021
  • 5/31/2021

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Postpartum Primer

*Covid19 protocols require social distancing. Seating is limited to 2 attendees (families). Masks must be worn at all times*

The birthing parent and baby remain physiologically connected during the 3 month post-partum period. The wellness of the birthing parent critically affects the well being of the baby.

During this workshop we will discuss ways to bond with your baby beyond feeding and help you gather tools and resources so that you can implement a plan to care for yourself while caring for a newborn.


Class is taught by Erin Young LMT, Doula, CHBE, P&ICD

Class is held Every Friday in May. 

  • 5/7/2021
  • 5/14/2021
  • 5/21/2021
  • 5/28/2021

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Class Offerings

How to Have a Baby

This interactive curriculum will answer the hows, whens, and whys of all of your pregnancy/labor/birth questions!

Participants will take part digitally in either a long, single, 1-day class or a series of 3 three classes scheduled at their convenience.

You will gain all of the information you need to feel prepared for birth.

Ready to get started?

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Want a completely customized Childbirth Education experience? We do that, too!

You can choose any of the topics below in any combination and we will build a class just for you. Just let us know you'd like a custom class and we will work with you to get the perfect one built.

~Topics Covered~


Typical pregnancy complaints and how to alleviate them

Weight gain

Common testing during pregnancy

Anatomy of birth

Fetal positioning (Spinning Babies)

The labor process

Pain relief options (both medical and non-medical)

Positions for birth

Standard Interventions

Reasons why a cesarean birth may be the best option


What to expect when planning a surgical birth

What physical recovery looks like

Routine newborn procedures

Reasons why people bottle feed

Reasons why people breastfeed

Paced bottle feeding

Introducing a pacifier

Pumping, when and how

Introducing solids


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Mini Classes
woman in a hospital bed with IV tubes and an IV pole

These shorter classes are designed to give you more in-depth information about topics that are particularly important to YOU. All of these classes are about three hours each.

Book today for any of the following classes:

  • Prepared postpartum
  • Supported Cesarean
  • Medicated birth
  • Feeding baby 101
  • Infant Massage for Caregivers
  • Beginning babywearing

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Big Kid Academy - Sibling Prep Class

This interactive curriculum will answer the hows, whens, and whys of all of your kiddos pregnancy/labor/birth questions in a way that is understandable (and very PG!) for them.

Its completely able to be customized to fit your particular needs.

Topics may include any or all of the following:

  • What to expect when the new baby arrives

  • Why babies look and sound the way they do

  • Why parents need extra help

  • How to be a good helper

  • How to care for a baby

  • How to feed a baby

  • Feelings that may show up with a new baby

Big Kid Academy

Demystifying Modern Parenthood - Grandparents Class

This 2.5-hour class is designed to help grandparents learn to interact with their grown (now-parents-themselves) children, as well as share the current evidence-based information for the care and safety of their grandchildren. We cover everything you need to know about babies in an upbeat and fun way to help you embrace and enjoy your new role as a grandparent!

Grandparents Class

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