Postpartum Primer for the fourth trimester

newborn care through touch


Baby on the way? Already arrived?!

I’m sure that you’ve been planning and preparing your whole pregnancy, and now that you’re birth day is quickly approaching, or has already happened- you’re feeling a bit unsteady. Newborn care can be overwhelming, but we can help with that! We are offering a class that covers everything you need to know about the 4th trimester.

We know that the pregnant person and baby remain physiologically connected during the 3 month post-partum period. The wellness of the parent critically affects the well being of the baby.
During this workshop (which we are holding weekly) we will discuss ways to bond with your baby beyond feeding and help you gather tools and resources so that you can implement a plan to care for yourself while caring for a newborn.

Topics include:

The basics of feeding an infant- proper latch, paced bottle feeding, proper milk storage, introducing a pacifier.

Body mechanics while wearing your baby, and proper positioning of the baby in various carriers.

Warning signs and how to get the help you need when dealing with postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

Standard care of an infant- bathing, diapering, soothing


Classes are held at our new office space in North Houston. We maintain strict sanitization protocols and require masks and temperature checks.

If you’re interested, click the blue button below to book now and save your spot. Simply choose your date, and pay, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Space is very limited due to social distancing protocols.

*Covid19 protocols will be in place. Seating is limited to 2 attendees (families). Masks must be worn at all times*

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