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Sarah Haywood

Postpartum and Infant Care
Hi, I’m Sarah, wife to Brandon and mama to Maddy and Abby, our ginger beauties. I’m a former Special Education teacher and a graduate of Texas Tech University! I have been heavily involved in the mom’s ministry at my church for many years now. I’m now a pre-certified Postpartum Doula. My journey here as a doula came after some time of feeling like I was made to do something other than what I was doing. I searched and dreamed about all the possibilities of what I was being called to do. One day a friend approached me with the idea of a Postpartum Doula. I immediately started researching and reached out to the contact she gave me. I quickly realized it was the perfect fit for me. Quickly all the steps started falling into place. When I look back at all of my jobs, interests and schooling since I was young they all have the same common factors: babies, families, and serving others. It only made perfect sense why this opportunity felt so right. I’m so excited to begin this journey with Houston Birth and Baby and hope I can serve you or someone you love!
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