Today is International Bereaved Mother’s day, and with Mother’s Day right around the corner- we wanted to take a moment and remember these powerful, amazing people that have faced some very hard things.

Personally, I have experienced a miscarriage. I have served clients after the loss of a pregnancy.
Some of my friends and family members have lost (or are facing the loss of ) older children.

Grief is one of those complex emotions that comes in waves, and never really seems to go away.

It’s not something you ever get used to either. Everything that surrounds you reminds you of the loss, the beauty, the hope, the safety, the comfort, the magical unknown. It’s not something that you SHOULD get used to either.  The way you feel in the moment of loss can be overwhelmingly heartbreaking, but you come out the other side, perhaps battered, bruised and aching with every fiber of your being, but you are there.

On the OTHER side.

Some days you will find happiness in the melancholy.

Some days you won’t want to get out of bed.

Some days you will comfort another going through loss.

Some days you will be angry.

Some days will turn into many, and you will experience the same waves of grief- but they will be more spread out and not as many.

And that’s ok too.


I’m here for you. I will walk with you. I will mourn with you. I will hold the sacred space you need to process these feelings of loss and grief.  Just reach out.

authored by Erin Young

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