I Don’t Feel Connected To My Baby

Pregnancy can be such a challenging time. It doesn’t matter if its your first baby or your fifth, every single time you get a positive pregnancy test, things change.
Lots of things.
Family dynamics change, your body goes through physical changes, your emotions are on a roller coaster.


Change can cause stress and leave you questioning if this is a good decision to be growing your family.

While you are sifting through all these changes, its hard to think about the little human growing inside of you.

It may be your second or third trimester before you have the thought,”Wait a second, I’m not connected to this baby.”

I can assure you that you are connecting.


Every kick, wiggle, bump, hiccup that you feel is you acknowledging that, hey- there is someone in there.

Someone with tiny fingers, tiny toes. Hair, a nose. Someone that will love you, need you and make life so much more interesting and fun. They will laugh, giggle, sigh and cry. You will be able to comfort them, nourish them and teach them. They will fit into your family beautifully. You will know exactly what they need.

I’m also here to assure you that its ok that you feel this way. It’s ok if you don’t feel connected to this baby until much later down the road. The massive amounts of change aren’t going to disappear once you have birthed.

Postpartum presents many new challenges not associated with pregnancy.


This is why we offer support to our clients in pregnancy, in birth, and in parenthood.

Postpartum support can look different for everyone. If you feel that you need extra help after the baby is born, we are happy to discuss those options with you.

We offer our services overnight, and during the day.

An extra set of hands, an ear to listen, a voice to encourage, a distraction from the monotony, a respite in the chaos.

Let’s chat.

Mother Nurturing postpartum doula
A tiny hand to hold


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