Houston’s Newest Dream Team for Birth and Postpartum

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There is something to be said about waiting for the right one to come along…

Houston Birth & Baby is a result of that waiting.

Our co-founders, Tiffany DePute and Erin Young were both busy creating businesses that served Houston’s expectant and postpartum families. They were both providing amazing service, unparalleled levels of professionalism, and truly unbiased support.

They were also both looking for someone to make the entrepreneurial life a bit easier.

Houston Family Birth

Tiffany built Houston Family Birth and began taking a few clients herself while also working for other Doulas in the area to do the work she loved while still growing her own family. However, she knew it would be better if she had someone to share the load with. With a passion for making doula work a sustainable career, she knew her best option was partnering with a like-minded doula to ensure all of her clients got the best support possible. She just needed to find the right doula.

Mother Nurturing

Erin began her career as a Massage therapist, then went on to pursue Midwifery , and quickly learned her real calling was emotional support in the form of Doula care. She built Mother Nurturing, and began adding services to build her solo business. Things were going well- she had a steady stream of clientele, and was able to move into a cute little bungalow in Old Town Spring with a photographer friend. Bare Root Collective became a hub of prenatal and postpartum goodness. Still, in order to grow she knew she needed another Doula to share the load with. She had tried to find someone that was just right. Things never seemed to work out.


Then the magic happened…

Two ladies in cocktail dresses in front of a banner that says "prodoula speak your truth 2017" repeatedly.
Tiffany and Erin at ProDoula’s 2017 Speak Your Truth Conference

When ProDoula began seeking trainers to join their team, Tiffany and Erin both began the process of interviewing and training to step into those roles.  Once it was official, they both knew they needed another person in order to grow their businesses. It was clear that they needed to partner and share call in order to be able to continue providing families with the best support possible.

A Houston birth dream team is born!

Houston Birth & Baby combines two established and experienced doula businesses in order to bring a higher caliber of care to Houston’s families. We provide a number of services as a multi-faceted, full-service agency.

We offer:

  • Childbirth Education customized to your unique needs and birth goals.
  • Unbiased support for any labor in any setting.
  • Postpartum & Infant Care support without all the judgment.
  • Infant Feeding support that truly believes there’s no one right way to feed a baby.
  • Massage for the whole family.
  • Placenta Encapsulation with an emphasis on your health and safety.

We are thrilled to be able to support families in this way, and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Two ladies standing in front of a pink building.


authored by Erin Young

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