Guest Post: 5 Things I Know About Facebook Mom Groups

5 things i know about facebook mom groups


Social media is AMAZING.

It has so many great uses. It helps us all connect and feel closer together. It gives us aces to thoughts, opinions, and knowledge. We can even get our news and research our favorite products.

But how can it help you as your transition into motherhood? 

Facebook Mom Groups, of course!

Here are 5 great things I know about Facebook Mom Groups and why you should join one:


1. They make you feel less lonely.

Being a new mom can be a hard and lonely thing (especially if you don’t have a postpartum doula!).You might not want to leave the house as much, and let’s face it, babies aren’t exactly great conversationalists. Your old friends may just not get it anymore.
These Facebook groups can be your saving grace. There is always someone there to talk to, even during those 3AM feedings.

2. You can learn a lot.

These groups are normally filled with other moms from all walks of life, each with their own unique parenting style. They’re a great way to soak up new information about those styles straight from the people who practice them each day.

You’ll get to hear the pros and cons while on your journey to find the techniques and styles that work best for you and your family.

3. You can meet your best friend.

Internet best friends abound in these groups. Chances are you’ll meet someone you jive with in a way you didn’t know was possible before.

It’s easy to find someone with children the same age as yours with similar ideals that understand exactly where you’re at and what you’re going through!



4. They’re better than reality TV.

Shhhhhhh! Come sit down while I tell you my dirty secret. While I hate being involved in drama personally, some days (you know, the ones where you’ve spent the whole day with someone who can’t speak, there’s no good snacks in the house, and there’s nothing on but reruns) you crave DISTRACTION. You will always be able to find that in almost all of these groups. There’s always *someone* there to stir something up. Feel free to break out that popcorn eating meme any time.

michael jackson eating popcorn meme that sas "sorry if i'm late popcorn line was long"
This one.

5. They can change your life.

No, seriously. You can meet people and come across ideas you would have never been exposed to. Maybe like me, you’ll find your passion there. Without the groups, I would have never discovered how much I loved supporting other women and all things about birth. That can happen to you, too!

Do you already have a favorite Mom Group on Facebook? What is it? 

Shea Blunier


Shea is the owner of Doulas of Michiana and former admin of a huge Facebook Mom Group. She rocks the most fantastic mermaid hair I’ve ever seen and excels at that mombie life. Check her out!

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