G is for Google…

That’s right.


Doctor Google to be exact. You know what I mean. It’s what we all do. When we don’t know the answer to something, where do we go to find it? Google.

Pregnancy, birth, parenting….they cause this habit of ours to go into hyperdrive.

I can’t tell you how many times I have met with a client for the first time and heard them say-
”Google says that…. (insert some random factoid that has nothing to do with this particular client’s experience), what do you think about that?”

Is Dr. Google the best place to get info?


Time out folks.  Let’s think about this for a minute.

Google is a fantastic way to search for information. It pulls from so many different sources, so quickly- that the instant gratification we get from those few keystrokes is mind-blowing. Considering that any Tom, Dick or Jane can write a blog, edit a Wikipedia page or become a keyboard warrior- we really need to consider the sources that Google is accessing and bringing to you.

A simple query like, “pregnancy headaches” can bring back results that are terrifying and have you worrying for the safety of you and your baby.

On the other hand, asking your doulas, “Hey, I’ve been getting headaches. Do you have any information for me on how to deal with them, or maybe even why I’m getting them?” returns a much more benign answer like-
“Pregnancy is all about fluctuating hormones and postural shifts. Those things can definitely contribute to headaches. Have you mentioned this to your care provider? They will have better medical insight for you. Generally speaking, hydrating, resting and scheduling a massage or chiropractor adjustment can be some fantastic options to cope with them if you are looking for that.”
See? That’s not nearly as scary as the numerous results Google will give you about the health conditions that can cause headaches during pregnancy.

How do we help you navigate this?

At HB&B we like to provide you with the information and support you need without scary information from unknown sources. We always suggest that you use caution when referring to Dr. Google with your questions regarding pregnancy and postpartum care. We love that our clients want to be in charge of their health and that they take the responsibility of informing themselves seriously. In fact, we often will share links to information that supports the client’s ability to do their own research on pertinent topics.

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