Grandparents Class

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    Congratulations! You’re a grandparent!

    Watching your adult children parent can present many different challenges, and tensions may arise.

    We want to help you demystify the modern parenting experience.

    Learn the Current Childcare Recommendations

    We are motivated to help get you up to date on current recommendations and dispel common parenthood myths. This class will be fun, interactive, and engaging and I’m counting on you to share your knowledge and experience!

    During this experience, you can expect to be an active participant while engaging in open dialogue about the care and keeping of your grandchildren.

    Modern parents do things differently. So many things, like he way they communicate, spend money, view authority, approach work, and raise children. We will discuss some of these differences during class. Gaining a better understanding of your adult children and their choices can help bridge the generation gap that many face.

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