Birth Doula Training

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    This 2 day, 20 hour hands-on, comprehensive workshop is the first step on the career path to becoming a Certified Labor Doula. This workshop will prepare you with the practical skills necessary to provide labor support to women and their families, the entry level business skills you’ll need to get started and the level of confidence it takes to make it all happen.

    Your Doula Trainer and the ProDoula Home Team will be your doulas, there to support you every step of the way as you embark upon this amazing journey.

    Condensed List Of Workshop Topics:
    Communication for birth work
    ● Understanding personality styles (DISC)
    ● Writing your doula elevator speech
    ● Interviewing with clients
    ● Birth plans
    Labor and Birth
    ● Hormones associated with labor
    ● Cervical changes
    ● Spontaneous labor, Prodromal labor, Precipitous labor
    ● The physical and emotional impacts of labor and birth
    The stages of labor – Anatomy and Support
    When labor meets comfort
    ● Physical support, Emotional support, Educational support
    ● Comfort measures and partner support
    o Basic and advanced labor positions – Breath support, Comfort measures of the mind, Counter pressure, “grounding” and basic massage, So much more…
    ● The intimacy of touch activity
    Interventions and Medications
    ● Bishop Score, Cesarean Section, Epidural, Positional difficulties, Episiotomy, Turning a breech baby, Benefits, Risks and Alternatives to birth interventions
    Challenging Childbirth
    ● When the birth plan falls short, the doulas role in an emergency
    Immediate postpartum support and the newborn
    ● Comfort, Family Bonding, Virginia Apgar (APGAR), Breastfeeding, Newborn medications
    The Mother / Doula Connection
    ● The postpartum follow up visit, the mother’s interpretation of the birth
    Doula self – Care
    ● Processing the birth, The life of a doula, The “on call” experience
    Business Topics for getting started
    This 20 hour workshop must be attended in its entirety. Cost for this 2 day intensive course is $595 plus your first year membership fee of $75. Annual membership fee for each subsequent year is $50. (ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE) 

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