why is my baby yellow with newborn in protective eyewear for jaundice phototherapy in the background

Why is my baby yellow?

Share! Tweet it! Pin it! Share it!Total1Baby jaundice can be such a scary thing for new parents. We associate it with old people and liver failure, and that’s terrifying. Googling “my baby has jaundice” likely sends you into a panic after you read all the cases that turned out to be more than just …

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Title image saying "sometimes birth feels scary" in a navy hexagon. Pregnant woman holding bump in background.

Sometimes Birth Feels Scary

Share! Tweet it! Pin it! Share it!Total8Birth is a wondrous process, but it’s also one that can bring up a lot of fear and anxiety for the birthing person. Considering that movies/TV always portray birth as this chaotic, terrifying event where everyone is running around like crazy and something almost always goes wrong, it’s …

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No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive

Share! Tweet it! Pin it! Share it!Total13Houston has a problem alright, a huge diaper disparity problem. One third of the families in Houston have trouble affording diapers for their babies. While there are relief organizations like SNAP, TANF, and food banks- there are no organizations or government assistance programs that pay for diapers. This can …

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