why is my baby yellow with newborn in protective eyewear for jaundice phototherapy in the background

Why is my baby yellow?

Share! Tweet it! Pin it! Share it!Total: 1Baby jaundice can be such a scary thing for new parents. We associate it with old people and liver failure, and that’s terrifying. Googling “my baby has jaundice” likely sends you into a panic after you read all the cases that turned out to be more than …

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Title image saying "sometimes birth feels scary" in a navy hexagon. Pregnant woman holding bump in background.

Sometimes Birth Feels Scary

Share! Tweet it! Pin it! Share it!Total: 8Birth is a wondrous process, but it’s also one that can bring up a lot of fear and anxiety for the birthing person. Considering that movies/TV always portray birth as this chaotic, terrifying event where everyone is running around like crazy and something almost always goes wrong, …

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