Our Story

In 2018 Houston birth & Baby was launched as an agency after owner, Erin Young had managed a busy solo practice under our parent company Mother Nurturing LLC.
She recognized a need for a business structure that had built in backup support of other Doulas that could share a call schedule and function in many different facets as a well rounded and cohesive team.We support parental choice for ALL decisons regarding your baby or babies!

This is a safe space for non-judgemental unbiased support regardless of the decisions you have made for your child.

We offer support for the entire childbearing year by providing the following services:
  • Support while on bedrest (antepartum Doulas)
  • Support during labor and birth (birth Doulas
  • Newborn care during the day or overnight (Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas)
  • All kinds of feeding through weaning (Infant Feeding Support)
  • Childbirth Education
  • Placenta Processing
  • Babywearing Education
  • Cloth Diaper Education
  • Grandparent Education
  • Massage Therapy
  • Auriculotherapy.... and so much more!

Erin Young

Owner, Massage Therapist, Labor, Postpartum and Infant Care, Childbirth Educator, Infant Feeding Specialist, Placenta Specialist

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Donation Based Support
Everyone needs support, but not everyone can financially cover hiring a doula for their birth or postpartum recovery period. Our community Doula Fund was created so the community could support other families in need by contributing to the fund. The money collected here is set aside to cover our team's time and expertise so we can support a familiy that would benefit from doula support, but may not be able to find the room in their budget to cover the costs of having a doula as part of their birth and recovery team. Your support makes this possible!
Click here to open a separate window where you can make a donation.
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