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Two Doulas, Always
At HB&B we are thrilled to bring you a unique model of care in birthwork. Our model is two doulas working together to provide you with the highest standard of care through your entire contract with us. We operate on a shared call system. What that means is you get a pair of professional doulas for the price of one. That is two people available to be contacted with questions and for support (phone/email), two people to available to cover the birth if needed, and the postpartum shifts they are hired for, in case another client is birthing etc.

LaShonta Edwards

Postpartum, Labor, Infant Feeding, Belly Binding, Placenta


Kayla Martin

Labor, Sibling Support


Veronica Davila

Postpartum, Labor, Infant Feeding, Placenta

5cfe88de92680c70389c2116_Sarah Haywood

Sarah Haywood



Sarah Day

Postpartum, Labor, Sibling support


Myla Lott

Labor,  Sibling support

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