Our Mission

We love being doulas and offering support through evidence based information, and unmatched professionalism. We strive to educate, attune, and build confidence in individuals and families throughout greater Houston.
We are always in your corner.

All of the support, none of the judgement.

Here at Houston Birth & Baby, we recognize that pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period is exciting, and challenging for everyone involved!

We know that it doesn't matter if its your very first pregnancy, or the very last- our job is to assist you in transitioning through this time in a way that feels good to everyone. 

We support every family dynamic, regardless of who, where and what that looks like to them.  We are the experts in all things baby, and we are always in your corner, no matter what.

Houston Birth & Baby

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What do our doula clients say?

Kind Words from our lovely clients

"Houston Birth & Baby helped us transition to our new role as parents, ask & learn new things.Great experience! Erin & Sarah both were exceptional in what they do & have a passion to help & teach. Exactly what we were looking for and we are very thankful for able to meet the right persons."

— Ashish B.
(New Dad)

"{Birth Doula} is an amazing doula! She took the time to get to know me and what my expectations were for the birth of my child. She listened to my concerns and I was able to take comfort in the advice and guidance she provided. Having her at my side during the birth of my child was priceless. "

— Christal M.
(New Mom)

"This woman taught me what to do and what not to do in order to provide the absolute best experience possible for my wife.
{HB&B} is worth every penny. {Your Doula} will move at your pace, always find a way to be helpful and is extremely skilled at “plugging in” when things are either tough or easy throughout the pregnancy and labor.
For a clueless male like myself,  teaching aides are terrific for learning something new and applying it with success. Don’t go through it alone. Get {HB&B} on board and know you can be confident when it’s time for birth."

— Jeff H.
(New Dad)

"{Birth Doula} made me feel like I had known her my entire life. ...the comfort and care that (she) provided was more than I could have ever expected. She was by my side the entire time... She is a valuable asset and I will absolutely be referring her to anyone and everyone!"

— Melanie A.
(New Mom)

"{Postpartum Doula} was way more competent in providing newborn care and care instructions than any other midwife/doula (and we had 4). If I were to do this over again I would probably ask her to work with us throughout the full first week to establish proper baby care and breastfeeding. That would certainly save us money on lactation experts, chiropractors and other mass of people we employed around our baby out of doubt and uncertainty."

— Marcin R.
(New Dad)

"Extra support, friendship, peace of mind…

Erin was wonderful in every way. Her knowledge and ease was exactly what our family needed as we journeyed through the newborn phase. It was invaluable to be able to completely trust Erin to take care of our son, so we could recharge, implement self care or connect with our toddler. Erin was immediately like part of our family, and we only wish we had her longer!"

Hilary A.

"She was so knowledgeable on everything birth and baby. She did a birthing class with my husband and I in our home and provided so much great information that helped us feel prepared and less anxious about the experience - as we are first time parents. Not only did Erin help us prepare for the birth and understand what the experience would be like and the events that would occur, but she was integral in my recovery post partum. I can definitively say that I would not have had a positive post partum experience if it weren't for Erin and her team."

Christina O.

Local experts and Care Providers say...

"A true gem in the community. Her heart! Her hands! Her energy in a room comes with Compassion and expertise. As a midwife, I am exposed to all sorts of birth workers. With her knowledge and experience, she brings something unique to the birthing space and to your pregnancy experience. Erin is top tier. Trust me! You want Houston Birth and Baby in your life!  "

— Andie Wyrick, Holistic Heritage Homebirth

We're excited to work with Houston Birth & Baby to help mothers learn more about the 4th trimester! 

— Dr. Kathrym Espana, Concierge Pediatrics

Our Work

We proudly provide doula support for ALL families and the way they choose to birth, including- but not limited to: 

Surrogacy Birth/ Planned Cesarean Birth / Medicated Vaginal Birth / Unplanned Cesarean Birth / Unmedicated Vaginal Birth / Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) / Vaginal Birth After Two Cesareans (VBA2C) / Home Birth / Hospital Birth / Birth Center Birth / Epidural Birth / Induced Birth / Water Birth / OB-GYN Supported Birth / Midwife Supported Birth / YOUR Birth

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Community Doula Fund

Donation based support
Everyone needs support, but not everyone can financially cover hiring a doula for their birth or postpartum recovery period. Our community Doula Fund was created so the community could support other families in need by contributing to the fund. The money collected here is set aside to cover our team's time and expertise so we can support a family that would benefit from doula support but may not be able to find the room in their budget to cover the costs of having a doula as part of their birth and recovery team. Your support makes this possible!
Contact us to make a donation today.

Areas of Service

We primarily serve the North Houston area, including:

Atascocita / Humble / Kingwood / Spring / The Woodlands / Tomball / Pinehurst / Magnolia / Montgomery / Cypress / Conroe 

Additionally, we serve the entire Greater Houston area, including:

Montrose / Midtown / The Heights / The Energy Corridor / The Med Center / River Oaks/ Bellaire / etc.

Non-Descrimination Policy

Here at Houston Birth & Baby, we are committed to being a safe and inclusive place, a welcoming space for all individuals and family structures.

We are doulas that believe in basic human decency and we are in accordance with federal law in regards to discrimination.

We do not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital or relationship status, race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, disability, religion, or age.



COVID-19 Statement

We believe the following needs to be said in regards to how we are handling the current Pandemic:

Vaccination status and other health history information is not something we will ask you about. 
At Houston Birth & Baby, we take all the necessary precautions to safely operate as a practice. Medical privacy is paramount in our business, both yours and that of our staff. As massage therapists and Doulas, you can feel confident that we do everything in our power to protect everyone we come in contact with. We ask that you do the same.

Additionally, we have put the following safety protocols in place to better serve you and your family:

  1. Doulas will check their temperature daily and note any symptoms of illness. If there is a fever or signs of illness, the shift will be rescheduled or offered an alternative shift of virtual support.
  2. Doulas will not work with families directly if they have had or been exposed to Covid-19 with the understanding they will be able to return to providing care after a self-quarantine period of 14 days without symptoms.
  3. Families will be asked to sign a release of liability in addition to the standard contract. This waiver will address the preventative measures and intensified sanitation protocols intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19 that we are implementing. It will also express your permission to the Doula to proceed with providing support.
  4. Doulas will provide their own personal protection equipment (PPE)  including change of clothing upon entering the home, hand sanitizer, gloves when needed, and be masked upon request when in close contact with families or the entirety of the shift if families prefer.
  5. Doulas will not work with more than one family at a time and follow proper health guidelines when out in the community when not working.


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