G-B- what?

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of friends/family/clients come to me like “OMG I HAVE GBS IS IT AN STD WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!” (and yes, it’s all one sentence like that – ha!). So I thought I’d clear a few things up, for everyone’s sake: First of all, GBS is NOT an STD. …

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Ways to Induce Your Labor

Some induction methods are medical, and some are more natural approaches.   Regardless of the reasoning behind wanting (or needing) to get labor started, they are simply different ways to encourage babies out. Both categories have their own risks and benefits. Our suggestion is to never try the natural techniques without discussing your plans …

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Due dates and Inductions

Once due dates come and go, people start getting rather nosy about what is happening in your uterus. You may start getting texts, emails and voicemails (always let it go to voicemail! I explain why below…) asking rather personal questions. “Have you had that baby yet?” (share this link with them!) “No? Why not?!” …

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preparing for induction? how knowing your bishop's score can help

Preparing for Induction? How Knowing Your Bishop’s Score Can Help

If you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, it’s quite possible your provider has brought up induction to you. It is a rather common occurrence in our current birth culture both electively and for medical need. The Bishop’s Score can give you a good idea of where your body stands and the likelihood that …

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